About Us

Faye Elahi is a non-celiac, gluten sensitive nutritionist with 22 years of experience in special needs nutrition. She has served over 1200 families with food allergies, intolerances, gastrointestinal and neurological disorders associated to Celiac disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, Hyperactivity disorder, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Faye has been the author of the locally popular gluten-free nutrition book, Ready, Set, Eat! She has also written over 50 articles about the relationships between diet and behavior, sensory integration disorder, gluten, casein, yeast, and toxin-free, salicylate free diets.

As part of her mission of Changing the Face of Nutrition One Family at a Time, Faye is offering her Nutrition Foundation workshops to Schools and parent support groups as well as health-minded corporations across the country. Her sense of humor mixed with her genuine love of her mission and her meaningful message have made her a popular public speaker and educator nationally as well as internationally. To book your appointment with Faye Elahi, you may send an email to faye@specialneedsnutrition.com or call (214) 437-1297 Monday through Thursday from 9-3 Central Standard Time.